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Storm:Creating a new Storm project

原文地址:Creating a new Storm project,本文使用英文原文+中文注释方式来写。

This page outlines how to set up a Storm project for development. The steps are: (本文重点:介绍如何设置一个Storm project用于开发。)

  1. Add Storm jars to classpath(把storm的jar添加到classpath中)
  2. If using multilang, add multilang dir to classpath(如果用了multilang,将dir添加到classpath中)

Follow along to see how to set up the storm-starter project in Eclipse.

Add Storm jars to classpath

You’ll need the Storm jars on your classpath to develop Storm topologies. Using Maven is highly recommended. Here’s an example of how to setup your pom.xml for a Storm project. If you don’t want to use Maven, you can include the jars from the Storm release on your classpath. (推荐使用Maven方式,将Storm的jar包添加到classpath中)

storm-starter uses Leiningen for build and dependency resolution. You can install leiningen by downloading this script, placing it on your path, and making it executable. To retrieve the dependencies for Storm, simply run lein deps in the project root. (storm-starter project用了Leiningen来构建和进行依赖管理的,因此,下载Leiningen到本地,保证其可以执行,然后到project的根目录,执行lein deps命令,来获取Storm的依赖)

To set up the classpath in Eclipse, create a new Java project, include src/jvm/ as a source path, and make sure all the jars in lib/ and lib/dev/ are in the Referenced Libraries section of the project. (创建java project,将src/jvm/设置为source path,并将lib/lib/dev/添加到build path中)

If using multilang, add multilang dir to classpath

If you implement spouts or bolts in languages other than Java, then those implementations should be under the multilang/resources/ directory of the project. For Storm to find these files in local mode, the resources/ dir needs to be on the classpath. You can do this in Eclipse by adding multilang/ as a source folder. You may also need to add multilang/resources as a source directory. (使用multilang编写spout和bolt时,需要将实际的源代码放在multilang/resources/目录)

For more information on writing topologies in other languages, see Using non-JVM languages with Storm.

To test that everything is working in Eclipse, you should now be able to Run the file. You will see messages being emitted at the console for 10 seconds.


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